Skill Development Program

Skills development

Skill Development and Self-employment Program for the Poor Women (Mainstreaming Women Development)

Masjid Council undertook a project titled, “Skill Development and Self Employment Program for the Rural Women” at Char Ajodhya (Teledangi) village of Char Bhadrashan Thana under Faridpur district with a view to improving skills of the women of the project area and providing them with the opportunity of income generation. The project was implemented by Nobonita Unnayan Sangshtha (NUS) – a not-for-profit, non-political volunteer organization works as a catalyst for the betterment of the poor and underprivileged by utilizing the local and national resources. NUS is registered with the Social Welfare Affairs Department and started its interventions in 2006. NUS assists its beneficiaries towards improvement of the quality of living status providing education, primary healthcare, nutrition, sanitation, handicrafts, fish culture, women and children rights and income generation programs with a comprehensive approach. NUS is a partner of Community Development Library (CDL).

Masjid Council provided financial and technical support while NUS was responsible for implementation of the project.

Skills development

The project designed and organized 7 categories of training for the women. A total of 175 women attended the following training courses in 9 batches. Table 9 summarizes the training courses offered.

The training participants were provided with basic input support (e.g., honey box in case of be keeping).

The trained women will be provided with input support and refresher training in 2010 in order to boost up their confidence and make them contribute to their families.  Besides, a plan is underway to develop a marketing channel in association with Nobonita Unnayan Sangshtha – the implementing agency, so the product developed by the beneficiaries may be marketed easily and the beneficiaries get maximum benefit out of their products (e.g., clothes, honey etc).

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