Emergency Support

Emergency support

Masjid Council strongly engages itself in emergency responses after any disaster occurs. Bangladesh has been prone to many natural disasters. Each year people suffer from particularly flash flood and chilling winter. While disaster preparedness is important to curb the impact, emergency responses are equally important to help people adjust with the trauma. Children, widow and women suffer most during disasters. They need strong and special support. Masjid Council works in partnership with communities and in line with government’s instruction. Masjid Council provided significant responses after all major disasters. Individual supports constitute the major resource base for emergency response.

Apart from natural disasters, Masjid Council provides special support to the extremely needy and poor people to overcome special difficulties. Particularly many poor people seek support to manage marriage of daughters and health care cost and Masjid Council tries to respond to these appeals though its resource base is very limited. Last year Masjid Council distributed worm clothes (About 500 blankets, 1000 chadors and 10,000 sweaters) among the poor people in 11 districts.

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