Strengthening Interfaith Harmony and Cooperation

Masjid Council strongly believes that collaboration and cooperation is an important element to promote the culture of empathy and solidarity in society which as a nation we need most.   Masjid Council played leading role in forming Council for Interfaith Harmony, Bangladesh (CIH, BD) – an interfaith organization encompassing Islam, Hinduism, Christianity and Buddhism, established to promoting humane and moral values in the society. CIH, BD organizes national level advocacy and campaign programs involving leaders of four major faiths in the country. Masjid Council acts as the national secretariat of Council for Interfaith Harmony, Bangladesh (CIH, BD). Masjid Council is advocating for engaging faith leaders in development efforts and it has resulted in tremendously. Our trained faith leaders particularly Imams have been role model of steering development and awareness building, of cooperation and care in the communities. We are trying to tackle the root causes of religious intolerance and extremism. Masjid Council organizes various campaigning and opinion building events to promote the agendas.