Faith Based Approach To Prevention of HIV/AIDS and TB

When the whole world is fighting against the deadly threat of HIV, and it has been a felt need and subsequently a proven fact that the faith leaders can play effective role in preventing HIV. Masjid Council successfully engages the faith leaders in curbing HIV invasion in the country. It, in partnership with Family Health International (FHI) – a partner of USAID, worked during 2006 to 2013. Now, Masjid Council is running this program from its own fund. Main activity is awareness building of the community peopleon HIV/AIDS prevention throughJummahKuthba. The project primarily involves religious leaders(Imams and Khatibs) but other faith leaders are also invited to some events. It arranges TV talk shows and advocacy campaigns using interfaith approach.  Masjid Council organizes Training for Faith Leaders. MC developed massage guide(Kuthba Guide and Question and Answer book) as to how to prevent HIV and AIDS.


Masjid Council actively participates in Worlds AIDS Day campaign. This year (2014) 130 faith leaders gathered in World AIDS Day rally. It also partnered with BRAC to raise community awareness on tuberculosis (TB). Since early detection can heal TB, the awareness campaigns are helping the poor people a lot. People also can get support from Masjid Council’s health centers.