Who we are

Mission, Vision and Goal

Through the implementation of a faith based development model, MACCA works for creating a world free from poverty, inequality, extremism and injustice. MACCA aims to see itself playing an international mainstream development, humanitarian and campaigning role with wide networks, alliances, partners and offices around the world and launching a long term global interfaith campaign to address global human security, extremism, communal harmony, peace and development.

MACCA is a faith-based development, humanitarian and campaigning organization working for human security, sustainable integrated development, peace and communal harmony. MACCA is dedicated to working with individuals, challenged communities and other development and humanitarian partners to overcome people’s vulnerability and sufferings irrespective of their religion, race, ethnicity or gender. Inspired by core values of Islam, MACCA strives for creating an egalitarian society free from poverty, extremism and injustice.

Building a caring society based on higher moral and human values where comprehensive development of all human beings is achieved in general and livelihood needs of the poor in particular realized.