About Us

MASJID COUNCIL is a faith based development, humanitarian and campaigning organization working for human security, sustainable and integrated development, peace and communal harmony. It is dedicated to working with individuals, challenged communities and other development and humanitarian partners to overcome people’s vulnerability and sufferings irrespective of their religion, race, ethnicity or gender. Inspired by the core values of Islam, it strives for creating an egalitarian society free from poverty and injustice.

Masjid Council

Registered with NGO Affairs Bureau, Department of Social Services and Registrar of the Joint Stock Companies and Firms under Societies Act, Masjid Council started its interventions in 1999. It has a countrywide interfaith linkage with trained imams and faith leaders and followers of different religions. Its organizational capacity and strong linkages around the country has placed it in an ideal position to facilitate faith based partnerships in development and humanitarian work and to initiate culturally appropriate and effective interfaith campaigns to address people’s values, misconceptions and behavioral issues deep rooted in the culture and traditional practices of the society.


It strives for a caring society through promoting the values of justice, cooperation and dialogue.


Masjid Council is dedicated to promoting sustainable and integrated development and social harmony to overcome people’s vulnerability and sufferings irrespective of their religion, race, ethnicity or gender and promote the culture of peace and cooperation in the society.


Building a caring society based on higher moral and human values where comprehensive development of all human beings is achieved in general and livelihood needs of the poor in particular realized.

Working approach

Institution building 
Building institutions for the poor to help them mobilize their own resources and enable them to gain access to resources to ensure their sustainable livelihood.

Capacity building and creating opportunities 
Improving skill and capacities through education and different need based skill development trainings aiming to create new opportunities of income for the target communities.

Raising social cohesion and practice of ethical values 
Motivating people to practice ethical values to promote the culture of trust, cooperation and sympathy in the society and make people sensible in using resources so as to protect natural environment.

Promoting complementary partnership 
Focusing on complementary partnership with individuals, agencies, and government institutions to create synergic impact of development efforts to accelerate the pace of development to overcome the challenges that the people in general and the poor in particular are exposed to.

Working values

» Equality and Equity 
It believes that all people are equal as human beings and its work contributes to ensuring principles of equity and elimination of root causes of injustice and inequality.

» Access and Inclusion 
It believes in inclusion and access for all regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, social status, or gender in development actions. 

» Peace, Tolerance and Communal Harmony
It strives to promote peace, tolerance and communal harmony through its work. 

» Social Rights and Responsibilities
It believes in shared social rights and responsibilities and creates options for people to have the rights and perform the responsibilities. 

» Results
It is result oriented. Whatever it does, it likes to see its results from the ground.